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Brands can now target Google audiences using Salesforce and Ticketmaster is the first to try it



Google is opening up the ability for brands using its Analytics 360 tool to activate audiences outside of its ecosystem through a tie-up with Salesforce with brands including Ticketmaster already trialing the software.

The integration deepens the relationship between Google and the CRM-giant with the latter touting the ability to bring insights from both platforms together at the click of a button as a way to build and execute “more effective”, and more personalised, campaigns.

Effectively, consumer data from Google’s Analytics 360 product can now be combined with Salesforce data. Marketers will be able to view these combined insights in Salesforce Marketing Cloud; making it easier to analyse cross-channel insights in one place and tailor pushes accordingly.

The partnership between the two tech giants follows on from a co-op deal to pool data for advertisers which was announced at the end of last year and forms part of a wider partnership.

Ticketmaster is currently trialing the product with a view to rolling out across its wider marketing mix from the third quarter of the year.

On Wednesday (13 June), Salesforce also announced updates to its AI software Einstein including more pin-point segmentation and a tool called 'splits' which leverages machine learning to "create unique, personalised journey paths for each customer".

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Content Marketing

Pinterest opens API to give brands more insights on influencer campaigns



  • Pinterest is expanding its Marketing Partners program to include third-party influencer marketing platforms, starting with eight third-party solutions.

  • The selected influencer platforms will gain access to Pinterest’s content marketing API to see performance data around influencer campaigns.

  • Marketers will be able to identify and connect with influencers that best represent their brands, as well as track performance metrics for influencer marketing campaigns.

Pinterest is launching a new segment for its Marketing Partners program with the addition of eight influencer marketing platforms: Open Influence, HYPR, Klear, AspireIQ, Mavrck, IZEA, and This latest expansion into influencer marketing will make it possible for brands to find and connect with influencers on Pinterest who can help build brand exposure and reach.

“Starting today, we’re opening our content marketing API to third-party influencer marketing platforms to help brands and influencers collaborate more effectively and create exciting new things on Pinterest,” wrote Aaron Ru, a member of Pinterest’s business and corporate development team.

Pinterest’s influencer marketing platform partners will be able to connect brands to influencers and offer their clients performance metrics around influencer marketing campaigns, delivering insight into monthly views, impressions, click-throughs and saves.

Lyle Stevens, co-founder and CEO of influencer platform Mavrck, says the Pinterest partnership will prove to be invaluable for brands to understand how content creators drive engagement on the app.

“Real-time analytics about Pin engagements — including views, close-ups, and click-throughs — will help us to better understand Pinners’ abilities to drive customer behaviors for brands. We’ll also be able to view, via the Mavrck platform, how interactions with a piece of creator-generated content have affected downstream behaviors such as views, likes, and eventually purchases,” says Stevens.

AspireIQ CEO Eric Lam also released a statement on his company’s new partnership with Pinterest.

“It’s never been harder for brands to capture consumers’ attention, making it even more important for brands to connect with consumers using the right message, at the right time, through the right channel,” said Lam. “We’re extremely excited about partnering with Pinterest as it provides our brands with yet another channel to engage with customers in a more meaningful and personalized way.”

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Data & Analytics

The CMO Challenge: does your marketing really work?



Get ready for the winter with a series of monthly webinars aimed at getting marketers to review their marketing strategies.

It’s not an easy time for CMOs, who are responding to changes within the industry, from new technologies, complications in adland and changing consumer behaviour; it’s a time of constant transformation and increased uncertainty.

Software company Domo has unveiled an autumnal webinar series, presenting solutions to some of the biggest challenges currently facing marketing teams.

For CMOs looking for marketing inspiration, there will be a webinar each month until Christmas, challenging them to review their strategies. With a host of webinar speakers, including former Possible president and Domo’s chief customer officer Jason Burby; L’Oreal UK’s head of data and analytics Chris Fender; and Domo’s marketing director Mark Johnston, each session is guaranteed to be informative and promises to help CMOs in delivering the best from their businesses.

Do Your Leadership Principles Really Work?

To start off the series, October’s session will begin by questioning which leadership principles will be most valuable to businesses, by looking at the importance of measuring data, launching profitable initiatives and creating effective campaigns. Led by Jason Durby, who also co-authored the book ‘Does it Really Work?’ – which touches on much of the same – the session will also draw on other business leadership styles and use brand examples. The session will also focus on how to hire inspiring creatives and encourage CMOs to find opportunity even when they’re faced with obstacles.

Lessons from L’Oreal

The second webinar, held in November, will be held by L’Oreal UK’s Chris Fender, who will discuss how the brand has redefined and clarified its strategy to maximise its ROI. Some of the key points that he will touch on include the value of shifting data, the ‘digital cockpit’ and the importance of basing decisions on ROI and performance.

Making Your Data Work for You

The final session in the series will incorporate both lessons learnt from Durby and Fender in earlier sessions to provide marketers with a series of practical steps for them to put in place. This third webinar will be hosted by Domo’s Mark Johnston and assures that it will give CMOs the confidence to take their marketing strategies to the next level.

Don’t delay in registering your interest in the webinars here. The first session begins on October 4.

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Are you talking data in a mobile first world? The Drum Arms at Advertising Week NY



Mobile has become a permanent appendage, and has the ability to impact on the customer journey across the entire purchase cycle. With AI and other technological advances, there are more mobile data analytics and measurement solutions available to marketers today than ever before. So how do you connect these dots?

Join The Drum and Ogury and a panel of industry experts, at The Drum Arms at Advertising Week New York, to talk about metrics that matter in that journey.

There’s an increasing requirement that brands become more data-driven and focus on building as tight a direct relationship with consumers as they can, allowing them to communicate with people in a much more targeted, personalized way. However, with all the choice available when it comes to mobile data analytics and measurement solutions, what technologies should marketers be investing in? Which data to use to inform your strategy? And how to ensure you are not wasting your marketing spend on ‘bad data’, but instead harnessing quality data which will connect the dots and produce world class marketing strategies?

And in the post-GDPR world, the demand for clearer, more transparent and verified data means those businesses with a direct relationship with the consumer will be in the strongest position to maintain consent.

According to Evan Rutchik, general manager, Ogury,US : “As our expectations and awareness about the quality of data rises, it is becoming more and more apparent that too many marketing technologies, despite their ‘intelligent’ capabilities, are simply being powered by bad and incomplete data drawn from disjointed fragments of user behavior that don’t reveal the entire user journey.

If you want to deliver valuable, contextual recommendations to your consumers you need visibility into the entire mobile user journey. This will enable you to quantifiably measure a user’s mobile behavior to ensure increased engagement with your content and decreased wasted ad spend as you’ll only be reaching the most active, accurate and actionable audiences.”

Register here.

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