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TV Ad Spend Weekly: Don't be afraid, it's just tax season ads during NFL Wild Card Weekend



Brands continue to invest heavily in above-the-line content, and television is still seen as the place brands want to be. Each week, in partnership with Kantar Media, The Drum looks at which brands have been investing the most on newly-launched creative on US national broadcast and cable TV.

TV ad spending is off to a strong start in 2018. The week of January 1 brought in $249 million for new ad placements on national TV, an increase of 92 percent from the previous week and increase of 42 percent from the similar time period in 2017. A large portion of new ad spend was placed during NFL playoff games ($37 million) and the 75th Annual Golden Globes ($19 million). Together, these two programs made up almost a quarter of all new spend for the week.

Ad Spend Weekly 1/7/18


Some of the same trends we've seen from last week's Ad Spend Weekly come into play. Nutrisystem – and Subway, long holding itself as "healthy" fast food – target consumers looking to start their year healthier. McDonald's gives an interesting angle, formally boosting its new value menu, where customers can build their own meals (and also, portion control). Microsoft, an NFL sponsor, has been promoting the benefits of its Surface computers in the real world.

And then there's Intuit's TurboTax, making its annual push to remind everyone that tax day comes sooner than you think, and the entire process is scary for Americans everywhere with the impending tax reform. The brand's "There's nothing to be afraid of" TV campaign, made up of three spots, plays off all the things we're afraid of in a quirky, effective way.

Worth noting that TurboTax does have a Super Bowl spot on the horizon, undoubtedly a big buy in peak accounting season.

The campaign kicked off on January 1, and so far has run nationally more than 3,000 times. Spend during the first week of the campaign was heavily concentrated in NFL games ($2 million) and the Golden Globes ($1 million).

Intuit 010118b from Kantar Media US on Vimeo.

Intuit 010118a from Kantar Media US on Vimeo.

Intuit 010118c from Kantar Media US on Vimeo.

See all of the new creative submitted from around the world in The Drum's Creative Works section.

If you have creative work to submit, please upload it here.

This data is part of ongoing reporting released on a weekly basis with Kantar Media using its AdScope tool.

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Capgemini partners with HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series to 'augment' experience through data



The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series has secured Capgemini as its global innovation partner, a sponsorship that will see the firm enrich broadcasts with in-depth data from the sport.

The male and female fixtures will be boosted by the tech expertise of Capgemini. It will operate with an emphasis on improving the fan experience.

This will see the group provide data and infographics to boost the tournament experience in stadiums, on television and social. Furthermore, it will produce a web series, fronted by a rugby expert, making use of the rich data on hand to delve into the tactics and performances.

Virginie Regis, vice president for group branding, marketing and digital director at Capgemini said that "spectators want to build a deeper connection with their teams" beyond "just watching a match in the stadium, on television or online".

Capgemini will move to "augment" the viewing experience with data and insights designed to create discourse and engagement around the fixtures.

Regis added: "This will enrich the viewing experience by sharing deeper perspectives on key attributes of the game, including strategy and tactics, as well as player and team performance."

In the back end of the rugby sevens operation, Capgemini will also work to bring its business and technology innovations to the fore to help build upon the competition's efforts. On the experiential side, the company will activate locally to create fan experiences across the globe, with an emphasis on tournament cities.

Paul Hermelin, chairman and chief executive of Capgemini Group, said: “Our sponsorship of the Sevens Series combines perfectly our heritage with our global reach, in an innovative and inclusive way. It is the next chapter in the story of Capgemini’s support for rugby.

"We are looking forward to enabling our clients to discover this new, fast moving format, and I know that many of Capgemini’s 200,000 strong team are excited about supporting and even playing Rugby Sevens in the months to come.”

All copyrights for this article are reserved to The Drum

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Creative Work of the Week: Stockholm pens an open invitation to ‘loves, haters and hesitators’



Another Monday, another Creative Work of the Week, which this time goes to our Scandinavian friends in Stockholm for their work promoting the city as one that’s open to all.

Visit Stockholm teamed up with Visit Sweden for the hero ad, which features a personification of the capital city reading an open letter to the world. In first person, the female voice declares: “I don’t know who you are, where you came from, who you voted for, what your family name implies… you’re welcome anyhow, just as you are.”

The voiceover, which is delivered over footage of both locals and visitors enjoying the city, makes the case for Stockholm's progressive values.

The campaign was created by the Swedish agency Volontaire.

Volontaire: Visit Sweden, Visit Stockholm 'The Open Letter'

Agency: Volontaire
Client: Visit Sweden, Visit Stockholm
Date: January 2018

The city of Stockholm, together with Visit Sweden, has published an open letter inviting lovers, haters and hesitators to come and experience the capital – a city unique in its approach to openness and accessibility.
Stockholm, the Swedish capital situated on 14 small islands, is famous for its closeness to nature, booming tech-scene, gender-fluid fashion, colorful LGBT community and the Nobel prize. The letter, delivered by narration over footage of both locals and vistors enjoying the city, makes the case for Stockholm's progressive values.

Lukas Lima, Art Director, Volontaire.
Elisabet Fischer, Copywriter, Volontaire.
Samuel Skwarski, PR/Creative, Volontaire.
Klaus Hahn, Account Director, Volontaire.
Lina Edenfelt Holst, Producer, Volontaire.

Tags: Sweden, digital, pr, advertising, creative work of the week, Ad of the Week

Video of Welcome to Stockholm – The Open City!

The Open Letter

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Cadbury pop-up to take knick-knacks as cash in reconstruction of latest ad



Cadbury is setting up a pop-up shop to sell its Dairy Milk chocolate – but instead of cash, all that’s required in return is some form of knick-knack or trinket.

The first ‘Glass and a Half’ store opens on Thursday for four days at 57 Greek Street, London, where 10,000 chocolate bars will be up for grabs. 'The Glass and a Half' shop has been designed to mimic the corner store layout featured in the brand's new ad campaign, which sees a young girl visiting a corner shop in need of a bar of Dairy Milk for her mum’s birthday.

With no money to hand she can only offer some small knickknacks as payment which the kindly shopkeeper duly accepts.

The pop-up will also feature Cadbury themed newspapers, household supplies and postcards.

The traveling store will decant for a similar run in Birmingham and Sheffield to give the rest of the country a glimpse of what a bartering based economy would look like.

All copyrights for this article are reserved to The Drum

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